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Five Step Candidate Application Process


To join NPPN’s network as a candidate, you must first register and upload your resume.

Your information will be kept in our secure database.  NPPN may contact you when job opportunities become available that may fit your interests and experience.  NPPN values your privacy.  For that reason, we will not share your information or documentation with any clients without your knowledge and consent. 


Apply for any position posted on the “Job Openings” page by clicking on the position you are interested in. Upload a resume and cover letter addressed to the hiring organization. Be sure to customize your cover letter for the position.

Before applying for a position, please consider how that position aligns with your existing skill set and relates to your future career goals.


Once you have applied for a position, NPPN will review and evaluate your candidacy to determine solidarity with the mission of the hiring organization and the desired experience. Candidates progressed to the next level of the search process will be contacted for a telephone conversation. Those candidates who meet the specified requirements will be progressed to a face-to-face pre-screening interview with NPPN staff.

Following the pre-screening process, the next step is presentation of the most qualified candidates to the search committee of the hiring organization for review and consideration.


The search committee reviews the candidate information, then chooses the candidates they would like to meet for formal interviews.  It is possible to have two or three rounds of interviews, lasting 60-90 minutes each. If you are chosen, NPPN will notify you concerning the arrangements, and the interview process via email and/or telephone.


Upon completion of formal interviews, it is the search committee that determines the top candidate for the position and it is the hiring organization making the offer of employment.  When the hired candidate begins working for the organization, the search is considered complete, and all applicants will be notified via email.

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