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Executive Search - Succession Planning - Consulting


When leading organizations are looking to conduct an executive search, many choose to partner with NPPN. Click here to learn more about our executive search process. 


At NPPN, we have established a protocol of services to ensure consistency, transparency, and sustainability of your organization. The following four stages are used as succession plan guidelines:

  1. Information gathering/research

  2. Market analysis

  3. Working with internal staff and/or heir apparent

  4. Preparing for an executive search


NPPN has a strong track record of consulting using the matrix to the right.

Consulting Services NPPN offers:

  1. Human Resources: organizational chart analysis, how to grow/nurture your own talent

  2. Fundraising: capital campaigns, fund development plans

  3. Develop new board governance models  

  4. Organizational Development: strategic planning, marketing, business turnarounds 

  5. Corporate Social Responsibility strategies

Looking to energize and engage your current board? Then click here to learn more.

When Lyndon B. Johnson was unexpectedly sworn in as president on November 22, 1963, it was proof that strategic succession planning is crucial to the smooth transition of power.


This is true  whether it’s the federal government or the smallest organization in the non-profit sector.

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